Are you tired of the holiday season?
Does it feel like Christmas has overstayed its welcome?
Ready to slap the next person who says "Merry Christmas"?
If you have any or all of these symptoms you may have a sense of reality.
For some of us, this is not a fun time of the year. Why must shopping for groceries now take 30 minutes longer? Why would I want a dead tree scratching the top of my car? Why do the lights on your house give me a seizure? Why am I obligated to get you a present when I really don't like you? Or my all time favorite, why are you flipping me off while cutting me off in your Cadillac?

If you've already tried avoiding the holiday and you feel it may not be enough feel free to take a look at some funny images and videos below. Hang in there, it's almost over. Stores will have it all marked at 50% off soon and Valentines day decor up and waiting.